How to apply for EU geographical indication?
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Industrial property rights protection is valid all over the world in the country of registration. In this context, the registration of geographical indications within the scope of industrial property rights in our country is valid only within the borders of Turkey. In order to obtain protection in different countries, it is necessary to apply for registration within the framework of the legislation of those countries or to apply within the scope of systems providing international protection. One of these ways is to apply to the European Commission within the framework of the Council of Europe Regulation No. 2012/1151 on the Quality Bill on Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs, which provides protection in all European Union countries. Applications can be made to the European Commission only for geographical indications related to agricultural products and foodstuffs.

In order to make an application before the EU, first of all, it is necessary to apply to TÜRKPATENT and register the geographical indication in our country. Applications are sent directly to the European Commission address (European Commission, DG AGRI, Rue de la Loi, 130, B-1049, Belgium) by post or e-mail.

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Our applications and registrations in the EU

The geographical indications that have been examined and registered by the European Commission and the applications under examination are included in the DOOR database. The database of the European Commission can be accessed at You can search by product categories and countries from this address.

Currently, 3 geographical indications are registered in the EU, and 14 applications are in progress. Our geographical indications registered in the EU: Antep Baklava, Aydın Figs, Malatya Apricots , Kayseri Sausage, Kayseri Ravioli, Pistachio, Pistachio Lahmacun, Taşköprü Garlic, Giresun Chubby Hazelnut.