Names that are proven to have been used traditionally for at least thirty years to describe a product in the relevant market that are not covered by the name of origin or the indication of origin are defined as the traditional product name if they meet at least one of the following conditions:
a) Originating from a conventional production or processing method or a traditional composition.
b) Being produced from traditional raw materials or materials.
(SMK numbered 6769 – Article 34).
In traditional product names, a certain geographical area is not determined.

Traditional Product Name in the European Union
Traditional product names registered in Turkey are valid only within the borders of Turkey. In order to obtain protection in different countries, it is necessary to apply for registration within the framework of the legislation of those countries or to apply within the scope of systems providing international protection. One of these ways is to apply to the European Commission within the framework of the Council of Europe Regulation No. 2012/1151 on the Quality Bill on Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs, which provides protection in all European Union countries.

In order to make an application before the EU, first of all, the application made to TÜRKPATENT must result in registration. Applications are sent directly to the European Commission address (European Commission, DG AGRI, Rue de la Loi, 130, B-1049, Belgium) by post or e-mail.

For more detailed information on traditional product name application in the EU: http://www.turkpatent.gov.tr/TURKPATENT/commonContent/ABAplication