Geographical indication is a quality mark that shows and guarantees the source of the product, its characteristics and the connection between the said characteristic features of the product and the geographical area for consumers. With geographical indication registration, it is ensured that products that have gained a certain reputation depending on their quality, traditionality, raw materials obtained from the region and local qualities are protected.


According to Article 34 of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769;

geographical indication
It is a sign indicating the product identified with the region, area, region or country of origin in terms of a distinctive feature, reputation or other characteristics. Geographical indications are registered as a name of origin or a sign of origin. Food, agriculture, mining, handicrafts, industrial products may be subject to geographical indication registration.

Origin name
If all or essential qualities of a product originate from natural and human elements belonging to a certain geographical area, the geographical indications in this case are called "name of origin". All of the production, processing and other processes of the product must take place within the boundaries of the determined geographical area. In this context, geographical indications registered as the name of origin have very strong ties with the region they originate from.

location sign
Identified with a certain geographical area in terms of a distinctive quality, reputation or other characteristics; Geographical indications, which are the subject of products whose production, processing or other processes must take place within the specified geographical area, are called “origin marks”. When one of the raw material or production and processing stages of a product realized in the region is registered as a sign of origin, other production and processing stages can also be carried out outside the region of origin.