International Anatolian Imam Hatip and Project Anatolian Imam Hatip Complex

The "International Anatolian Imam Hatip and Project Anatolian Imam Hatip Kulliye", which was brought to Gaziantep as a new service in the field of education and has a capacity of 1,920 students under construction, is the first social complex in the region.

Dear Citizens,
Man is the product of accumulation. Accumulation is an experience formed through education.
In the light of these experiences, the transfer of culture, science and achievements to new generations is also thanks to education.
Today, the developing technology has been gained by the development of the educational background of our ancestors.
We, too, must put a brick in the nests of knowledge and wisdom of our next generation, who are also the beacon of hope for our future.
We; We are the architects of our bright future, our target generations, whose minds are free, whose conscience is free, whose hearts beat with the love of the country and nation, and who adhere to their customs and traditions.
The importance of the foundation system in our traditions is very great. When we look at our history, we see that many scholars and important figures with knowledge received education from the kulliyes established thanks to these foundations.
Today; Gaziantep, one of the most important cities of Turkey; continues to rise in the hands of its entrepreneurship, productivity, high commercial capacity and people who are devoted to their city.
Thankfully, our Gaziantep is making very important breakthroughs with our philanthropists and foundations who have adopted the motto of competing in charity.
May Allah be pleased with all our benefactors who put a brick in the wall of knowledge and wisdom in this country, this city.
Dear Citizens,
We have laid the foundation of the "International Anatolian Imam Hatip and Project Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Complex". With the support of our benefactors, our constructions are increasing rapidly.
We are very excited to realize such an important project in our city of Gazi.
With this project, we have very important goals such as contributing to the training of religious education and human resources that will serve in different fields wherever Islam exists, and raising students who will further develop our country's diplomatic relations.
We look forward to the support and interest of you, our esteemed philanthropists, for the completion of this valuable project as soon as possible.
Our compatriots who want to contribute to the completion of our Kulliye project will be able to benefit from the tax reduction brought by the “100% Support to Education Campaign”.
We would like to thank you for your invaluable support and prayers in the construction of this educational and scientific home, and we hope that our children who will grow up from these schools will grow up with the consciousness of serving our country, our nation and all humanity.
May God be pleased with our education volunteers and charitable citizens.


Gaziantep Development Foundation Presidency