15-18 September 2022 GASTROANTEPFEST

Gaziantep, which has made its name known to the whole world by being included in the "Creative Cities Network" of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, hosted more than 2.5 million visitors in 4 days with the International Gastronomy Festival, which was held for the fourth time this year.

Turkey's gastronomy professionals, industry representatives, famous hotel & restaurant professionals, investors, national & international food companies, boutique farmers, gourmet markets, academics, life coaches, gourmets and writers, Turkish cuisine researchers, local & foreign chefs, academics, nutritionists specialists, doctors, life coaches and representatives of Gaziantep cuisine from different parts of Turkey came together at the festival.

The 'IV. The theme of the International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival this year has been determined as 'Sustainability'.

Turkey's gastronomy professionals, sector representatives, famous hotel & restaurant professionals, investors, national & international food companies, boutique agriculturists, gourmet markets, academics, life coaches, gourmets and writers, where topics such as sustainable gastronomy, sustainable agriculture, sustainable nutrition are discussed. 19 panels with the participation of 91 guest names who are experts in their fields; With the participation of Turkish cuisine researchers, chefs, gourmets, writers, academics, nutritionists, doctors, life coaches and musicians, 9 interview programs were held and the participants shared their knowledge with the audience.

20 world-famous chefs from 11 different countries, including Spain, United Kingdom, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Brazil, France and Denmark, reinterpreted Gaziantep products and made creative food shows and presentations in their workshop tent.

In the festival, where the history, culture and gastronomy richness of the city were introduced, the Pistachio harvest, cider production and dryness productions took place with the participation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, protocol members and festival guests. Pistachios were collected and information was given to the guests. Participants, who were introduced to peanuts for the first time, were shown how to consume peanuts by separating them from their shells. After the pistachio harvest, the making of cider and the local dryness were shown. World-renowned chefs and guests discovered both the culture and local flavors of Gaziantep.

IV. Within the framework of the International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival events, the opening of the "Udma Cheese Museum" and "Rayiha Spice Museum", which are prepared to keep the local tastes of the city alive, to carry the gastronomic heritage to the future and to promote it in the international arena, were also held.

During the festival, interactive shows were performed by Doğukan Alsay and DJ Emrah Demir. On September 15, the Fire of Anatolia Music and Dance Ensemble enchanted the audience with a unique show that they prepared by blending traditional folk dances of Anatolia. On September 16, a body percussion show by İbrahim Göksel Kart, one of the actors of Gaziantep City Theater, and Haluk Levent, the strong representative of Anatolian Rock, took the stage with the audience. On September 17, popular pop music artist Emircan İğrek; On September 18, the beloved artist Derya Uluğ met with his fans.

Handcrafts Street and Flavor Street attracted great interest from the citizens during the festival. In the festival, which has more than 180 stands, many products from traditional handicrafts to local products were presented to the participants.

IV. With the International Gaziantep Gastronomy Festival, Antep Culinary Culture, which has been created by local producers for many years by choosing the local products of the geography from A to Z, has reached a global vision with this magnificent festival. Gastronomy professionals, investors and chefs had the opportunity to get to know the products of the Southeastern Anatolia Region better. Pistachio baklava, katmer, beyran, various kinds of kebab and geographically marked products, which are identified with Gaziantep, were tasted by world-renowned chefs, further solidifying their place among world cuisines.

Gaziantep's history, natural beauties, cultural heritage and the unique flavors of the rich Gaziantep Cuisine were once again introduced in the national and international arena. Gazi city, the capital of gastronomy; once again proved that it is one of the most important gastronomy destinations in the world with its traditional restaurants, local food products and rich culture. In addition to Gaziantep's gastronomic culture, it also has the feature of being a platform where the agricultural food products of the region are opened to the world.